How to tie a Triggalink Rig

Step 1: Tie an overhand loop in a 20cm length of 20lb Armourbraid

Step 2: Thread your chosen pop up onto the length of braid

Step 3: Tie a 3mm rig ring directly below the bait with an overhand knot

Step 4: Position the ring on the bend of a size 6 Nash Fang X hook and whip in position with a knotless knot

Step 5: Cut a 30cm length of 15lb Triggalink

Step 6: Form a half hitch in the end of the Triggalink

Step 7: Thread the end of the Armourbraid through the half hitch and tie a four-turn blood knot, keeping the Armourbraid section about 5cm long

Step 8: Carefully tighten the both knots down together and trim the ends with Nash Cutters

Step 9: For extra security add a blob of superglue to the knot

Step 10: Trim about 5mm from a length of 0.5mm shrink tube

Step 11: Thread the remainder of the shrink tube onto the hooklength and over the eye of the hook and the knot

Step 12: Steam the length of shrink tube down over a kettle

Step 13: Cut a length of 1mm shrink tube to the same length

Step 14: Thread the 1mm shrink tube over the thinner tube to create an extra stiff section

Step 15: Shrink the 1mm shrink tube and form it into a slight curve

Step 16: Place just enough tungsten putty to sink the pop-up at the end of the shrink tubing

Step 17: Tie a Uni Swivel to the other end of the hooklength using a four-turn grinner knot

Step 18: The finished rig should be about 25cm, combining the stiffer Armourlink and soft Triggalink section