Catch Report: Andrew Riste


Caught On: Nash key cray

Venue: Rhymney River

Baiting Details: I used a 2 foot hooklink with a trimmed down key cray hookbait mounted on a size 10 fang X using a mix of key cray boilie crumb mixed with hemp and maggots in an open end feeder

Catch Details: The first place I learnt to fish as a child was the Rhymney river in Caerphilly catching minows, small trout, grayling and the odd chub if I was very lucky. I would always dream that one day I would hook into an unknown monster like a random river carp or huge pike, as anyone from the Caerphilly area knows barbel from the Rhymney river is completely unheard of and extremely rare ..... so after spotting a barbel feeding with a few chub I pre baited with broken up key cray boilies for two days before catching this 9lb barbel from my local river today has absolutely rocked my world !!!

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