Catch Report: Joe Stevenson


Caught On:

Venue: Kemsley back lake

Baiting Details: Using crushed and chopped boilie and a couple of whole ones

Catch Details: I was fishing a leg where there was a small over hanging tree in the water that I decided to fish. As it was only 4 foot off the edge of the bank I thought no one else would bother putting a rod there so it might be an edge. I plumbed around with a bare lead and found a nice flat spot. I decided to fish a standard lead clip system with a standard hair rig with a 20 mm bottom bait so sometimes keeping it simple pays off. The rod screamed off at 7am the next morning. Luckily my rod was locked in place as the rod was bending all the way to the left and it took me about 10 to 15 minutes to land the fish.

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