Catch Report: Chris Elden


Caught On: Key cray mc

Venue: Spitfire pool

Baiting Details: Baiting lightly with scattered key cray mc

Catch Details: Struggling to deal with the heatwave we were experiencing of 30 degrees in September I managed to find a small opening in some blanket weed where the bottom was clean underneath to present a bait. I had seen a few fish swim close to this area yesterday so figured it would be a prime ambush point if they were to move closer in. I baited with 50 free offerings of the new nash key cray mc and used a baiting pole to present my bait with minimal disturbance. As I stood watching the water in immense heat and chatting with the bailiff rich Wilby, the rob bleeped twice and paused for a second then bleeped a third time, that's a bite! I ran to the rod to see it bent double with the fish buried deep in the weed. I flicked my trainers off and went straight into the lake knee deep to gain more of a vantage point. The fish slowly moved towards and plods around beneath me. At first chance I got it in the net and fell back elated. I steered down at my prize and recognised it as the small common. As I lifted the fish up on the mat it felt rather heavy, more than it should have been. It went 30lb 8oz on the scales and has been the first time this fish had crept over 30. I took some shots with sun blazing down and slipped the common back to fight another day.

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