Catch Report: Rob Theobald


Caught On:

Venue: Essex syndicate

Baiting Details: Caught on yellow TG pop ups over a large spread of TG Active

Catch Details: After a 24 hours of no fish or sign of fish a move was in The cards, after a walk round and a new swim chosen out went 3kg of TG Active over a large spread at about 50yards, both rods went out to the area presenting yellow TG pop ups on naked chod rigs and 2 hours later my siren burst into life. A good fight resulted in a 23.4lb linear. Rod went back out and in 10 minutes it went again this time producing a 22.8lb old dark scaly mirror. And no more than an hour later my other rod ripped off and I soon had a 28lb mirror in net. Just goes to show being mobile and not being afraid to move really does pay off

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