Catch Report: Martyn Russ


Caught On: Nsah Monster Squid Purple & Black Boilies

Venue: Hendre Lake, St. Mellons. Cardiff. South Wales

Baiting Details: Using Nash Monster Squid Purple & Black bottom baits with small stick mixes comprising of crushed boilies and mainline hemp stick mix along with Nash Monster Squid Black Pop-ups on some rigs glugged in Nash Monster Squid Booster for added attraction.

Catch Details: Common Carp x 9 from 8lb to 18lb, Mirror Carp x 6 from 6lb to 17lb leather Carp x 1 16lb 6 oz Bream x 2 approximately 4 to 6lb

Other Info: 48 Hour session at our local lake , Hendre with the first day being overcast with slight wind. Found the fishing difficult to start with but as evening came the bait started to kick in and the runs started to appear. The second day was sunny and bright and it just went crazy. 2 of us fishing with myself landing a total of 19 fish over the 48 hour period.

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