Catch Report: James Nunn


Caught On:

Venue: Syndicate Water

Baiting Details: 10mm fishmeal boilies

Catch Details: After watching the water for several blank cold winter sessions I started noticing signs of carp awaking with the arrival of increase temperatures. After watching them for multiple sessions I located an area of the lake they visited early morning. However upon arrival to the lake on my next session the area was being my fished by another angler. However forecasted 65mph winds soon put pay to his angling and he left, which gave me the opportunity to move onto the spot I had located on previous sessions. I quickly moved swims and within 10 minutes of the first rod going out I was locked into battle with a lake bed hugging brute, after a lengthy nail biting battle a lovely 24lb mirror lay captured in my net. Perfect, the spot had already produced. Further into my session the wind got worse and soon hit near 50mph, but the fishing got better and the spot produced two angry low 20lb mirrors. The night drew closer and the wind hit it's maximum forecasted speed of 65mph, the move of swims into what had turned out to be a hot swim was also one that faced the wind and with a 10ft slope behind my titan I made sure I checkee my pegs hourly all through the night. All night my alarms were screaming in the gail force wind even on the lowest of sensitivity however to my surprise the carp didn't play ball. I clambered out of my sleeping bag at first light to assess the damage outside my trusty titan. I noticed a few trees had fallen and one lone duck that looked confused at what it had encountered all night. I began to fill my kettle with water and heaped two very large tea spoons of coffee into my mug in the hope of gaining some sort of composure, either that or a caffeine rush to see through the morning after a long eventful night, however my silence was broken when I heard the slow ticking of the clutch on right hand reel. I was on it in a heartbeat and began battle with one of the lake's A team. Shortly after a few long deep runs a black and bronzed leathery carp rose from the depths beneath and rolled over my net cord. I'd caught it, the 'Almost' leather and little did I know it would be at a new lake record weight.

Other Info: Bright northern special hookbaits fished over a bed of fishmeal boilies

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