Catch Report: James Nunn


Caught On: Fishmeal boilie

Venue: Syndicate Water (Location can't be named)

Baiting Details: I baited with 10mm fishmeal freebies over three shallow area's of the lake that I thought the carp would favour in the warming temperatures. Upon flicking three yellow Northern specials to each of my three chosen spots I baited with half a kilo on each spot.

Catch Details: After locating three spots that I believed the carp would visit due to the warming temperatures I set about tying three fresh traps. The stiff hinge was to be my chosen rig, I presented three extremely potent 10mm Northern Special pop ups, critically balanced with Nash Cling On putty. I opt for the biggest lead I could get away with, I mostly always opt for running rig over a fixed lead presentation due to watching multiple carp in the margins use the weight of the lead to eject even the sharpest of hooks. My chosen venue hadn't produced a carp in a number of weeks so I wanted nothing left down to chance. I use a lead clip approach fished with a size 8 swivell which releases from the lead clip under light pressure and the lead slides away so not to allow any suspecting carp to use its weight to eject my carefully position rig. After assembling my rigs into the pond I scattered half a kilo of 10mm freebies over the rig using my throwing stick. The night passed uneventfully, however as soon as the warm sun rose, sure enough like clock work, my alarm signalled three bleeps and the tip on my 10ft scope arched round. This perfect 26.7lb zip linear being the culprit with my stiff hinge perfect placed an inch back in its bottom lip.

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