Catch Report: Blake Cleasby


Caught On: Citruz Special Edition Boilies

Venue: Timberlands Fishery

Baiting Details: Soaked Coconut Creme pop up in the matching liquid!

Catch Details: Set up my gear for a 24 hour and cast the rods out, the closest bait near me was the pop ups so I baited one up and can't to the far margin. Started cooking a bacon sandwich and the rod ripped off! It was only in for 30 minutes, I stayed down low, after a 10 minute battle it finally Went in the net. At this time my bacon was burnt! I weighed the fish, it weighed 18lb on the nose! It was my first fish from the lake and the biggest sturgeon in the lake!

Other Info: Me and a mate had 17 carp between us on the citruz boilies and coconut Creme Pop ups, cracking session! Caught on a Choddy!

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