Catch Report: Niklas Tranziska


Caught On: Citruz Pop Ups White

Venue: Stretch auround Bamberg/Germany

Baiting Details: Flipped out a few spods of mixed particles and corn with some milk and wildberry flavor added. Additionally threw out two hands of 18 mm muschel insect boilies on top of it. And casted my heli semi stiff rig with a nash citruz 15 mm in yellow on top of it.

Catch Details: Spot was sandy and only 1 m deep just 3 m away from the other side of the lake, directly in front of some bushes. Because of the warm morning sun i expected the carp to come into that flat area in the morning to relax. And thats what happened, after a lost carp my siren s5r indicated me another bite around 8 am. And so u caught that beautiful scaled mirror 13 pound.

Other Info: There were 12 anglers fishing that night, and i was the only one with fish contact. Normally the are only normal scaled mirrors in that low stock lake.

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