Catch Report: william axon


Caught On: Coconut cream

Venue: Void local lake

Baiting Details: I added a hand full of 15mm coconut cream boilies over a 15mm coconut cream pop up.

Catch Details: I went to the void after school, I had been going for weeks and I had no carp. It was annoying as I could see them. I had plenty of tench though which varied in size. I got to the lake at 9 am on the Thursday morning and had a good look of the lake. There was a strong wind. So I stored back for a little and waited for the wind to die down. Saw a carp crash at the back of the wind so I set up and got in the area where the carp crashed. I was using a chod system with a coconut cream pop-up. I used my catapults to fire a handful of coconut cream boilies out. I was waiting for about 30 minutes and I had a bite. Then seconds later my bite alarm screamed of . I hit in to the fish and knew straight away that it was a carp. It slowly swam towards me and as soon as I saw it . It shot of anyway I finally got it in and it was a big one I had never had a carp as big so I put it in my weighing sling and it as 20lb and 8 oz. The buzz was amazing I had never had a 20lb carp before and that is what made my year fishing.

Other Info: That same day I had a 16lb fully scaled mirror carp using the some tactics.

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