Catch Report: Scott Adams


Caught On:

Venue: Pioneer meadows

Baiting Details: Pioneer is a little hidden gem, rumours of carp over 30lb. Its an old ironworks mine so its over 60ft deep in places, margins are about 13ft! I only know of 3 other people who fish the lake as its so hard to catch no body wants to fish it. I fished a single nash monster squid popup on a multirig in some snags. It was a hit and hold situation

Catch Details: I work only 2 minutes away from pioneer meadows so it get to fish it daily! I had seen fish patroling around so over handing trees and bushes, so i decided to set up inside the bush in a hit and hold situation. I was using a nash monster squid on a multirig . After 3 hours its was time to go home but as i went to reel the rod it it screamed off racing towards the snags on my left. In a frantic rush i broke my landing net so i had to get into the lake and net it with my retaining sling. It has to be the best fosh iv ever caught.

Other Info: It was also my first fish on my nash dwarf rods so chirstened them with an amazing fish! Alan should come check it out be a great place for urban banx. Right in the middle of a park so much character and the fish are pristine if you can get one!

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