Catch Report: Lee Cordingley


Caught On:

Venue: Willows Fishery

Baiting Details: Solid Pva bag.

Catch Details: I turned up to an empty lake to my surprise on a fairly mild day. I walked the lake two times before deciding where I thought the carp would be shoaled up. After flicking 2 rods out on solid bags I noticed in the swim next door a carp rolling in the marginal reeds no more then 2 feet from the bank. I grabbed my scope sawn off and set it up on a solid bag rig filled with coconut crème ball maker pellets and crushed citrus and coconut crème boilies. After an hours wait and watching the reeds knocking around the clutch burst into life and the fish was on. "Always watch the water" because I would have blanked If I was not paying attention to the lake.

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