Catch Report: Chris Elden


Caught On: Citruz Pop Ups White

Venue: East Anglian pit

Baiting Details: Spodding lightly hemp corn and chopped 4g squid

Catch Details: Waking up early doors to a frosty morning I decided to head down to a local pit and try out my new scopes! As I arrived at the lake it was bitterly cold and there was cat ice in the margins, I questioned my sanity but decided to bait the rods up in the hope for a run or two. I spiffed out 2kg of hemp corn and chopped 4g squid into a deep section of the lake and cast 2 rods within a meter of each other. I baited with 10mm yellow citrus pop ups on hinge stiff rigs 1inch off the bottom just to clear any debris on the lakebed. As soon as the sun hit the lakes surface the action started and I ended up with 10fish for the day all being around the mid double mark. I new rods Definetly performed well and the 9ft version was a dream to play fish on.

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