Catch Report: Николай Капустенко


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Venue: Ukraine

Baiting Details: Last weekend, the opportunity to get on a pond. I left 14 00 15 00 was there, and laid the pozavozil tackle, fed corn + + kombikor pelets 16 and 6 mm bathed all KSL! I waited. The evening passed in silence, but the night bite dragged into a snag, hitch, had to swim to disengage. Next night, no peak. On the morning of 5 revision gear perezavoz again waiting. All the while watching the pond looking for fish. Nshel 160 meters from me near stump Carp out a candle for the third time, a long time do not think exhausting one fished bandages leash, put corn +10 pop up dipovany in corn dipe in a boat with a little food and go akuratno paddle feeling the bottom find the net from driftwood load space to shoot, and lodge on the shore. He established fished in the race at all set up and get a bite after 20 min, and as a result on the photo 5,800

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