Catch Report: Lee Cordingley


Caught On:

Venue: Sams Lake Headcorn

Baiting Details: Solid pva bag and catapulted 15mm and chopped boiles (Nash test bait)

Catch Details: A total of 14 runs landing 13 fish up to mid doubles.

Other Info: The weather could not scream carpy loud enough. It was a very wet day with constant showers on and off throughout the day with a South Westerly wind. Despite being early November the day was extremely muggy so a solid pva bag full of Nash micro pellet's was my first port of call. After no more then 5 minutes after making my first cast the solid bag was away. This continued throughout the day with steady action, also with both rods going at the same time. I struggled to keep both rods in at the same time as well as tying up solid bags quick enough. The carp where actively bubbling away on a quiet lake so swim choice was a no brainer upon arrival. A big edge I feel in which I see so little people doing is matching the hook bait to what's inside the pva bag. In this instance the Nash micro pellet range was accompanied with a 10x15mm boilie pellet hookbait with the pva bag lined with Nash Coconut crème method mix (dry).

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