Catch Report: Jamie Budd


Caught On: Micro Pellet Mix

Venue: Medway valley fisheries

Baiting Details: Poped into local tackle shop to buy some bait as my freezer was empty, went for a Nash session pack. A little pellet and a few chops placed on a margin spot that had a few fish feeding

Catch Details: I can only fish overnight sessions due to a young family. The lake is very deep with a shallow shelf running down one side and the 2 productive swims being at either end of shelf. Put a bucket in a swim and went for a walk, as I rounded a bend I saw a few fish feeding a few feet from the bank. I put a handful of pellets on the spot and some chops and grabbed a rod and lowered it onto the spot. 10 mins later it ripped off and resulted in a nice fish on the bank. I set up in that swim with one rod as its to tight for any more and at 3am a nice common graced the net. Left at 5:30 am very happy

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