Catch Report: Daniel Reed


Caught On: the key

Venue: plantation lake

Baiting Details: the key and slicker hemp

Catch Details: this weekend was a long awaited session, a social me and a few friends have a few times a year. we book one of the lakes out up on elphicks fishery in kent, have a good catch up and of course hopefully a fish or two, this weekend on arrival however we where informed that the lake we had chosen had been showing some hard form with nothing they were aware of coming out. not ones to turn down a challenge and with previous knowledge of the water i got started. i found a few fizzing and set some little traps, with the venue not previously responding to big beds of bait and the hard form that it had been showing i could think of no better option for a little edge than my bucket of the key mixed with the slicker hemp with the plan of fishing a cultured hook bait over the spot mounted on a little fang twister and missing link rig combo i use. my thinking was confirmed when the next morning as we sat watching the water with the morning coffee the fizzing started, and not long after the left hand rod was pulled up tight. the result being this lovely and very hard fighting 25lb mirror, i was happy, the plan had come together and the key and cultured hook baits have taken a firm place amongst the armory.

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