Catch Report: Peter Hayes


Caught On: Nash Coconut Creme

Venue: Undisclosed local still waters

Baiting Details: Baiting small gravel patches with either loose fed coconut creme pellets, and boilies, or pva funnel web pouches with crushed boilies, pellet, liquidized bread and a good squirt of coconut creme booster liquid, presented in small holes in thick weed.

Catch Details: Multiple up to 11lb 14oz over the last couple of months.

Other Info: I recently got on the Instant Action Coconut Creme a couple of months ago and haven't looked back since. It certainly lives up to its 'instant' name! From the very first time I used this bait I knew I was onto a winner. The fish loved it and came back for it time and time again so much so that bait is the last thing I worry about these days and now concentrate more on location and get them feeding. To be honest its rare that I blank. I've even got my dad on it as well!

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