Catch Report: Chris Elden


Caught On:

Venue: catch 22 no.2 syndicate

Baiting Details: spodding tight area 2kg 15mm 4g squid

Catch Details: I arrived late afternoon and quickly got my tackle out of the van onto the barrow. iIonly had a short time ahead of me as i would be reeling in at 5:30 for work. My walk turned into a run and I soon arrived at the pool. I opted to fish a deep section of water due to the angling pressure as of late, thinking that the residents would be held up here and be more confident to feed, maybe even throwing up a chunk. I cast 2 rods to a hard spot in the silt 40 yards range, and 1 rod in front of a plateaux at the bottom of the slope at 70yards range. My sixth sense told me to try something different with the baiting approach on the 70 yard spot and I dusted off the spod. I spodded out 2 kg in a tight area, this is something that is very rarely used on here and I Ifigured that it may entice a different feeding approach and maybe throwing up a chunk for me. I settled in for the night and stayed up well into dusk. At midnight I had a liner that woke me up, this continued every half hour or so up until dawn. At 4:30 the far rod was away, the clutch melting off steadily in the background giving me just enough time to wake up and strike with no dramas. The fish rose up to the surface straight away and continued to thrash around with his head sticking out of the water. As he neared the margin he shot down deep into the marginal roots and a few nerve wrenching moments later he was on top gulping air ready for netting 'yes get in' i gazed into the net and couldnt believe my eyes, an absoutlely immense creautre. This was now my 4th season and I have been after one particular fish, my obsession, my pursuit and finally here he was just laying in my net. The big common had finally subdued to all of my efforts. As I lifted him out of the water his weight became apparent, I layed him on the mat and couldnt stop staring at him. As I put him on the scales the needle swung round to a weight never before been stressed upon by my old faithful reubens, a new PB for of 48lb 2oz, a surreal moment. I cant put into words the feeling of elation I had that morning, a special memory shared with firends and one I remember forever.

Other Info: Caught using a snowman rig consisting of a size 6 fang twister, 6oz nash flat pear lead, baited with 15mm nash 4g squid bottom bait and a 10mm nash 4g squid airball popup.

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