Catch Report: Lee Cordingley


Caught On:

Venue: Private

Baiting Details: A small scattering of crumbed and chopped boilies over both rods for maximum attraction and leakage for a quick bite.

Catch Details: 2-rods fished tightly on the bottom of a small gravel bar. In around 4 feet of water, fishing in the teeth of a South Westerly.

Other Info: Time is limited to 2/4 hours fishing in the evening after work due to work commitments and family. For maximum effect I travel extremely light looking for signs of feeding carp. For a quick response to my bait I only bait up with broken boilies so the attractions leak out quicker. I find the hour up to dusk the best for spotting feeding carp as the lakes are normally empty weekday evenings and the lake is alive with bubbling fish.

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