Catch Report: Lee England


Caught On:

Venue: Nash Lakes Royston Wood Lake

Baiting Details: 2 kg of mixed 15mm scopex squid & Key Cray boilie 15mm white citruz wafters

Catch Details: 24lb common 22lb mirror double take

Other Info: Fiishing only my second 48 hours on Royston I wanted to make up for the 3 lost fish the weekend before. I started in dover on the kingfisher lake the same swim I fished on my first visit, with fish showing all over me but not being able to convert after several laps on the complex of both lakes I opted to move into a swim called little bay on wood lake. With the wind pushing into the bay hard shortly after dark the fish showed up in numbers, I had positioned 2 rods on the far margins reed line and placed a zig in the centre of the bay to my left. around midnight the first rod on the reeds went, a lovely 24lb common, shortly after doing the snaps and slipping her back the other rod went with a 22lb mirror, both fish fort like demons possessed,. I'm looking forward to getting back up there next week

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