Catch Report: Tanabodee Narathet


Caught On: Key Cray Stabilised Flake 1kg

Venue: Grey Mist Mere

Baiting Details: Heavy Pre bait session on Thursday night 3-4kg of Key Cray. Small mesh bag of pellet and light scattering of Key Cray boilies on the Friday night.

Catch Details: Recently I have been getting amongst the fish but not amongst the bigger ones or even any of the A team. I thought I’d try a heavy baiting session to lure in one of the bigger residents however I noticed that the fish don’t move on baited spots instantly, I think it takes them at least 24 hours as there’s a maximum stay of 24 hours on the mere. So I thought I’d stick a lot of bait out and then sit on it a day later, but peg choice was vital as I could put in all this effort and someone would be in my peg. So I chose a peg where I haven’t seen anyone fish all year it’s smack bang in the centre of the lake, don’t really know why people haven’t got on there. I turned up Thursday night and had a good lead about, found myself a very nice gravel bar about 30-40 yards out at a depth of 4ft. I baited the spot with 15mm Key Cray with the catapult because I didn’t want the spot to be so tight and I spombed out 12mm and Flake Key cray just to ensure that there was going to be bait there the next day even if it’s just crumb. I got down about 4 o clock Friday afternoon from work, did a quick lap of the lake just to see if there was fish stacked anywhere else but it just looked completely dead so I jumped into the peg I pre baited. I wrapped the rods up to the spot and attached the German wafter rig I had previously tied up with a pink Citruz wafter attached with a small mesh bag of pellet just to protect the hook point. I sent the rig out on to the spot and it went out perfect first time, I just knew if the fish were gonna turn up it was gonna produce a bite. I have some much confidence in the German wafter rig that I know if a fish picks it up it’s deffo nailed. It was a very quiet night with not many shows but recently the mere had been dead as in lack of showing fish. Approximately 2.30am my rod ripped off, hit into the fish and it was just peeling line off my reel for a minute, I managed to turn the fish round and I knew it was a better fish just because of the weight of it plodding about. Battle was over fairly quick after the initial first run. When I landed it I looked into the net and seen what fish it was, I was instantly on cloud nine, it was one of the gems of the lake i couldn’t believe my efforts had been rewarded. It was such a great moment for me because all my friends turned up for pics and congratulating me.

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