Catch Report: Daniel Reed


Caught On: nashbait citruz pop up over the key flake

Venue: southern day ticket

Baiting Details: a citruz 12mm pop on on a simple hair rig fished over crushed key boilies and hemp

Catch Details: After what proved a frustrating nights fishing on my local day ticket water and only a few hours spare the next morning to make something happen I couldn't sit on my hands, so off I went before bed around 12 baiting a few areas I knew the fish visited in the edge with the view that it would give me another option come morning and if one was worth I go I would be able to clearly see I was on fish and not wasting a minute of time. The alarm clock woke me just before first light and despite being on the fish the open water spots hadn't produced so with time quickly running out I grabbed my sawn off and net loaded with a simple hair rig attached to a 12mm citruz pop up and went to check my spots, I found a few fish on a spot that has been more than kind to me in the past and going off previous knowledge had paid off, with the fish already sieving confidently it didn't take long after slipping my rig in for this lovely common to take the hookbait and by day break why the rest where sleeping I had one in the net.

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