Catch Report: Jamie Kennard


Caught On:

Venue: Willows lake

Baiting Details: 15mm key cray glugged in signal arouser

Catch Details: A short 2 hot session after work on a ticket water, the pressure was low and a storm was rolling in, using my dwarfs I fished only at 30 yards with 2 rods, one on a pop up and one on the bottom. With around a kilo over the top I sat in the van waiting for the receiver to go wading through work emails. Only 15 minutes in the pop up rod tore off, a quick battle I had a small common in the net of around 7lbs. I slipped it straight back and put the rod back on the spot. Around an hour and a half in, the bottom bait roared off and I was out in manic wind and rain bent into a good fish. The result was a lovely mirror that was chestnut brown with minimal scales.

Other Info: This was the first time I used the key cray since field testing as I was so confident in squid based baits (4g and scopex squid). I thought I would jump on this water before my booked session at Royston on to build confidence and this bite did just that, if you haven't tried the key cray, I strongly suggest you do!

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