Catch Report: Jamie Kennard


Caught On:

Venue: Hartleton lake

Baiting Details: Candy nut crush & 2mm pellet

Catch Details: I got out late on a Saturday afternoon around 4pm, time was against me, I set up in a swim and managed one common a few hours later. As the land owner (this is an old natural lake around 40 years old, no bailiff or any rules as such) came round to take my money, he told me the following morning a few guys were coming to have a match and would be taking the swim I was in. So I was up and packed away by 7am, I was in 2 minds whether to leave or move for a few hours. After a drive around the 12 acre lake, a swim I had caught from before was unoccupied and I set about just putting two rods to an over hanging willow tree on an island. Around an hour later I fought this lean common, pulling it away from the snags and weed that lays beneath the safety of the willow. Landing my second fish on this short overnighter was the icing on the cake as bites don't come easy from this venue. My second fish of the session I hung the net out to try and left 30 mins later for the drive back to Birmingham

Other Info: This is a lake me and my brother discovered through google earth a few years back. On the border of Wales situated near Ross on wye, it's not advertised and the land owner only lets a select few fish it for a very low rate of £15 for 24 hours. I've only managed 1 session prior to this but can't wait to get back. Speaking to the locals who know of it, its popular more with match anglers for the huge bream and silvers that reside in there, the lake is a natural lake stocked some 30 years ago, mainly with trout but later on with lots of silvers and a handful of carp, from recent captures, it's believed that there are 70 carp in there, by unknowns have appears to 35lbs!!!

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