Catch Report: Joseph Miller


Caught On: Key Cray Stabilised Flake 1kg

Venue: Southern Pit

Baiting Details: Spombing key cray flake, hemp and tigers to a newly made spot on the weed

Catch Details: 30lbs 6oz

Other Info: The lake is still fishing tough. The silk weed is rapidly taking over and spots which were previously clean now have a layer of silk weed over them. For the first night, I fished the same spot that produced last time. The fish fed but no pick ups suggested that the rigs just weren't presented properly. So I spent 2 hours cleaning off a new spot with a weed rake and started from scratch. It proved to be worth it as just 4 hours later, I was attached to this mirror, which I previously caught back in March this year, again on the Key Cray

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