Catch Report: Enrico Iwen


Caught On: Nash Boilies The Key Stabilised 20mm + Pop up yellow

Venue: small lake in cologne / Germany - NEW SPOT

Baiting Details: Key Stabilised boilies 20 mm with yellow pop up 15mm - PVA bag with crushed boilies, hemp and small pellets

Catch Details: new spot: since 6 Months i fished on the same spot at my lake. On this day, another angler used my spot. I had not so many time, Only 5 hours. So, what was the option: Go home or take a new spot. I went to a new place. Not so many space for casting and the new spot is arround 85-90m(98yards) away on the other Site of the lake. But no risk, no fish. spombs are not allowed at the lake Only throwing sticks. I started with the Nash cyber Shot to feed with Boilies (1,5kg Nash The Key) I bought the new nash pursuit 12ft 3,25lbs and i have to say: NICE Casting rod! The 85m wasn't a problem with the rod. And what happend: The first run after 45min after 1,5 h the second run - i lost the fish after 2 h hours, the next one after 3 hours, the thrid one the last 20 min, i lost an another one Conclusion of the day: Sometimes take a risk.

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