Catch Report: Luke Kennard


Caught On: Key Cray Signal Liquid (250ml)

Venue: The Wharf Cardiff

Baiting Details: I had 2kg of Key Cray at my disposal. To add more of an attraction I boosted them up with the Nash key cray liquid. After leaving them for a good few hours they were ready to go. I started off with about eight spods to get the bait nice and tight in the small pocket I found in the weed. Then I put in about 8 catapults of Key Cray which would create a nice spread out around the tightly baited area to try and draw more fish that might of been holding back off the baited area . I fished a 15mm citruz pop up over the top.

Catch Details: After doing two laps I didn't see a thing so I decided to keep on looking. On my third lap I saw three fish show on the same spot so I decided to stop and watch the spot. Over the course of the next 15 minutes I saw a further eight shows so I ran back to the car and got the kit. I decided to flick single hookbaits out to the area but later a few hours I was still fishless. So I decided to go in with my usual approach and baited the area with 2kg of Key Cray boilies and fished 15mm citruz pop ups over the top. The fish began showing again over the bait , so i decided to put a few more spombs out before deciding to get some sleep. A few hours later the rod melted off I was attached to my first proper wharf carp, when it rolled and I saw it was a big fully my legs went to Jelly , after snagging me up in a weed I continued to apply steady pressure and before long netted a stunning 27lb 9oz mirror. What a carp! And a new PB to boot

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