Catch Report: jamie peacock


Caught On: Key Cray Signal Liquid (250ml)

Venue: deepings 1

Baiting Details: key cray , candy nut crush, key cray pellets

Catch Details: This weekend i was lucky enough to catch one of my targets a fish named steves long lost. it is a rare visitor to the bank last caught September 2016. I had been fishing an area of the lake in-between two islands and it had been covered in light weed but when I arrived on Friday morning for a 48 hour session and felt the spot it was much cleaner than the weeks previous. This gave me a massive boost of confidence knowing the fish had been feeding on the area. I spombed out a mix of key cray and candy nut crush boilies and key cray pellets and within 2 hours the rod melted off resulting in a hard fight with the fish trying to get round the back of the island. once in the net i knew it was a A-team fish by the size of it. A few hours later the rod was away again with a 20.08lb common and then 24 hours later I had a 30lb mirror in the net. all fish caught on a 15mm key cray pop up on a slip d rig size 6 fang twister 3oz lead 15lb dcam line and a 3oz lead.

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