Catch Report: Enrico Iwen


Caught On: beat baits

Venue: small lake in cologne / Germany

Baiting Details: actully i used the Fish Boilies from Beat Baits and self rolled Boilies with one fake mais on top. Togehther with crushed boilies, hemp and small nash instant pellets in PVA. I used a lot of baits for this short session. 3-4 Kilo + Pellets(1kg) and 500g Hemp

Catch Details: day session for only 6 Hours. I had 6 runs and i catched 4 carps. it is a small lake with 4-5 ha and 1-15m deep i used 2 pods, both only 1-2 m from the shore in a depth of 1-2 m The runs came always shortly after the ejection. A bite came even 30 seconds after the bait lay.

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