Catch Report: Joe Stevenson


Caught On:

Venue: The willows angling centre

Baiting Details: Coconut and creme instant action pop ups with a pellet boilllie

Catch Details: 24 lbs

Other Info: It was a very hot day and as usual all the anglers were fishing out into the middle but as i walked around i noticed right under my feet clouds of mud coming up loads of it all along this one edge where the fish were feeding in the silt so I got my stuff set up 2 hinge stiff rigs and just placed them 5 inches off the bank and walked back to my peg. Within 5 minutes I had a screaming run did not even get chance to place my second rod on the bankstick, as i was playing that fish my rod on the floor started going so I put my foot on it whilst i played this one in as I landed fish number 1. I struck into this one and had a 2 second fight but it unfortunately came off. Shortly after my other rod screamed off nearly came of my bite alarm, I had an epic battle with this fish and must have taken me a good 10 -15 minutes to land it and that was the 24 mirror and after I landed the fish I left as had a bbq so one off my shortest sessions but one of my best.

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