Catch Report: Bradlee Wilson


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Venue: Undisclosed Venue

Baiting Details: I pre baited two areas of the lake where I have seen carp recently. I baited with Nash TG Active, slicker hemp and maggots.

Catch Details: With juggling work and fishing it's always about pre baiting and being prepared. So I've been visiting the lake a few times every week mainly at evenings, as I work 7am till 4pm Monday to Friday! Eager to get one of the new lake residents on the bank as none of which has slipped up to another angler yet! I decided to get on the bank after work on Wednesday knowing the lake would be busy on the weekend, after arriving I seen a fish top on one of the baited spot I was quick to get the rods out and onto the spot. I fished Nash TG Active hard on boilie tipped off with a cluster of fake maggots, on a blow back rig of 5 inches with a Nash fang size 7 hook, to my surprise the rod ripped offf and I was in within half an hour of it being out! A 'bar of gold' slipped over my net, a stunning common weighing 12lb 08oz. The night was quiet but as I was getting my gear into the barrow at 6am with just the rods on the deck (as we all do - last knockings ) my left hand rod was away! The fish kited left to right taking line! After 5minutes the fish braced the net. It was one of the new fish which has never been caught weighing 9lb not a hug fish but a true stunner and is defo going to be a grower! As this is not an easy water to have two fish on a quick over nighter between work Defiantly made my week

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