Zed Bed Shroud

Essential Zed Bed and Zed Bed Sleep System accessory for all season comfort.

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Waterproof, warm and practical protection

Upgrade the thermal properties of your Zed Bed or Zed Bed Sleep System with this dedicated shroud. Fully waterproof to protect your duvet on damp nights and mornings, or if you choose to fish under the stars without a shelter. Stays securely in place via toggles that connect to the elastic loops on your Zed Bed.

Features a storm skirt for improved coverage, and can be supported on a storm pole when fishing without a shelter - keeping you dry whilst watching the water. Essential for four season carpers - adding warmth and protecting your bed against rain and damp. Available to fit both standard and wide Zed Beds and Sleep Systems.


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Name TCode Price
Zed Bed Shroud T9315 £54.99
Zed Bed Shroud Wide T9317 £60.99

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