Updated patterns and advanced manufacture – the collaboration between Marc Voosen’s Pinpoint and the famous Nash Fang hooks raises the bar with the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet.

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Down turned eye for aggressive hooking mechanics

Marc’s experience has helped develop the new Nash Pinpoint range utilising the latest technology in carbon steel alloys, CARBIDE 617, resulting in hooks up to 50% stronger yet actually lighter than the already leading Nash patterns. Point design and penetration is what you would expect from Pinpoint – the sharpest available.

Along with advancing worldwide classics such as the Twister and Fangs Kevin Nash has used the opportunity to add newpatterns guaranteed to be firmly on the big carp hunter’s radar.

Available Options

Name TCode Price
Twister Size 1 Micro Barbed T6107 £4.99
Twister Size 2 Micro Barbed T6108 £4.99
Twister Size 4 Micro Barbed T6109 £4.99
Twister Size 5 Micro Barbed T6110 £4.99
Twister Size 6 Micro Barbed T6111 £4.99
Twister Size 7 Micro Barbed T6112 £4.99
Twister Size 8 Micro Barbed T6113 £4.99
Twister Size 10 Micro Barbed T6114 £4.99
Twister Size 4 Barbless T6156 £4.99
Twister Size 5 Barbless T6157 £4.99
Twister Size 6 Barbless T6158 £4.99
Twister Size 7 Barbless T6159 £4.99
Twister Size 8 Barbless T6160 £4.99
Twister Size 10 Barbless T6161 £4.99

Product Information

Tech Spec
  • Now stronger, sharper and lighter through Pinpoint advanced manufacturing and materials

  • Radical wide gape square bend pattern for fast turning

  • Down turned eye for aggressive hooking mechanics


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