Small Pellet Mix

Versatile high attract blend of 2-4mm pellets.

Using feeds carefully sourced from the Aquaculture industry and extensively tested for their nutritional benefit, breakdown characteristics, vitamin and mineral content and attractor profiles Nashbait have refined pellet blends into three mixes that cover every tactical application, from bag and stick fillings to spod mixes and carpet feeds.  

TCode: B6671

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Combines halibut, Betaine and fast breakdown pellets

A high attract blend of 2-4mm pellets, the Small Pellet Mix combines halibut, betaine and fast breakdown pellets to ensure a long lasting food signal throughout the water column, helping pull carp down from all levels.

Suited to filling solid and cobweb PVA bags, adding to spod mixes and also catapulting or feeding over close spots with the Deliverance spoons, the Small Pellet Mix offers a variety of tactical options. All the Nashbait Pellet Mixes can be boosted with the Fish Oil Slick or the range of Liquid Bait Soaks for even better results.

Formulated not just to catch carp as effectively as possible, but also to offer a balanced, nutritional feed that encourages growth and optimum health, Nashbait Pellet mixes are an unbeatable choice for both anglers and fisheries alike.

Supplied in 1 kg bags.

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