Slicker Floaters

Nash 11mm floating pellets in session size 1.4 kg bags with matching Hookable Floaters. Infused with the deadly Strawberry Oil or Pure Crustacean, Slicker Floaters are a brilliant edge on pressured waters, bringing more takes. 

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  • Buoyant

A brilliant edge on pressured waters, bringing more takes.

Combining our exclusive additives in a high attract floating feed Nashbait’s Slicker Floaters encourage competitive feeding on the toughest venues for instant surface action. Needle friendly Hookable Floaters come in every bag, and can be direct hooked or mounted without drilling or glue, sitting like free offerings in the surface film to catch out the most cautious feeders. Slicker Floaters can be fed accurately by catapult or at longer range using a spod.

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Slicker Floaters - Strawberry Oil - 1.4kg + free hookbaits B7111 £6.49
Slicker Floaters - Pure Crustacean - 1.4kg + free hookbaits B7110 £6.49

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1.4kg bag + free hookbaits

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