Micro Pellet Mix

Using feeds carefully sourced from the Aquaculture industry and extensively tested for their nutritional benefit, breakdown characteristics, vitamin and mineral content and attractor profiles Nashbait have refined pellet blends into three mixes that cover every tactical application, from bag and stick fillings to spod mixes and carpet feeds.

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Boosted with Spirulina and Fry Crumb

A dedicated blend of tiny 0.5-2mm pellets perfect for filling PVA bag and sticks, Micro Pellet Mix is boosted with the deadly Spirulina powder found in The Key and high protein Fry Crumb for intense feeding signals around your hookbait from the smallest quantity of feed.

Using five carefully selected pellets that offer different breakdown times and taste profiles ensures even tiny quantities offer long lasting attraction, carp responding to the feed signal left on the lake bed long after the pellets have broken down.

Incredibly versatile, Micro Pellet Mix also makes a powerful Method mix and groundbait additive, and blended with the deadly Boilie Flake offers an incredible edge where pellets are heavily used. A top tip from Nash testers is to roll paste wrapped boilies in the Micro Pellet Mix to add a coating of high attract pellet dust around a hookbait without needing a PVA bag or stick.

Formulated not just to catch carp as effectively as possible, but also to offer a balanced, nutritional feed that encourages growth and optimum health, Nashbait Pellet mixes are an unbeatable choice for both anglers and fisheries alike.

Supplied in 1 kg bags.

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