KNX Armchair and Armchair Wide

KNX comfort and strength, perfect for low profile shelters.

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Perfect under low profile brollies and shelters

Reclining for individual comfort. Available in both standard and wide dimensions.

• Short leg, low profile frames to improve space under brollies and shelters
• Fully reclining
• Peachskin mattress
• Low-line arms
• Unique Nash patented hand wheel prevents teeth lock eliminating jamming
• One touch adjustable legs
• Swivel mud feet

Available Options

Name TCode Price
KNX Armchair T4343 £87.99
KNX Armchair Wide T4344 £98.99

Product Information




KNX Armchair
Approximate Dimensions: 53cm (W) x 64cm (H)
Approximate weight: 8kg
Leg length extension: 30-42cm

KNX Armchair Wide
Approximate Dimensions: 65cm (W) x 64cm (H)
Approximate weight: 8.5kg
Leg length extension: 30-42cm

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