The Key® Hard-Ons

Hardened shelf-life bottom baits using the deadly Key® attractors.

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Essential for crafty carp and waters with nuisance species

The Key® Hard-Ons use high attract gelling agents to allow Key® hookbaits to be confidently left out for long periods.

Essential for waters with nuisance species such as crayfish or where the crafty carp inspect a hookbait but won’t take it for at least 24 hours or longer! Available in 10 x 15mm, 15, 20 and 24mm.

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Name TCode Price
The Key® Hard-Ons 12mm (100g) B2104 £4.99
The Key® Hard-Ons 15mm (125 g) B2101 £6.99
The Key® Hard-Ons 20mm (125 g) B2102 £6.99

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