Instant Action Session Pack

Boilies, pop ups, pellet and dip - it's the grab and go solution for today’s busy fisheries.

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Now available in new Candy Nut Crush flavour!

Instant Action Session Packs offer multiple bait options in one bag - for presentation versatility whatever swim or conditions you are faced with.

Containing two sizes of boilies, dedicated high attract pellets, two sizes of matching Airball pop ups and a booster dip, Session Packs allow you to tailor your approach – from margin traps to PVA bags, snowman rigs or single high attract hookbaits. The answer’s in the bag!


  • 400gr 15mm boilies
  • 200gr 10mm boilies
  • 100ml Booster
  • 6 x 10mm, 4 x 15mm Airball Pop Ups
  • 550gr High Attract Pellet


Available Options

Name TCode Price
Instant Action Candy Nut Crush Session Pack B3587 £9.99
Instant Action Pineapple Crush Session Pack B3584 £9.99
Instant Action Liver and Garlic Session Pack B3585 £9.99
Instant Cappuccino Session Pack B3586 £9.99
Instant Action Crab and Krill Session Pack B3580 £9.99
Instant Action Tangerine Dream Session Pack B3581 £9.99
Instant Action Coconut Creme Session Pack B3582 £9.99
Instant Action Tandoori Spice Session Pack B3583 £9.99
Instant Action Monster Crab Session Pack B3588 £9.99
Instant Action Monster Crab Session Pack B3589 £9.99
Instant Action Strawberry Crush Session Pack B3595 £9.99

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