Flat Pear

The perfect choice for smaller venues and uneven bottoms, Flat Pears hold their position and offer aggressive hooking.

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Aggressive hookers that stay firmly rooted

A favourite for island margins and shelves, or keeping rigs pinned to the sides of gravel bars Flat Pears are versatile in the extreme with the lighter models also offering a slower sink rate and a softer landing over silty bottoms and silkweed.

Brilliant on smaller venues, and a simple but effective way of improving the hooking performance of Bolt Bead end tackles compared with longer lead designs.

Key Features:

  • Flat profile prevents rolling
  • Strong rolling swivel
  • Two styles of textured camouflage coating
  • Available in 1.1 - 6 oz
  • Smaller weight divisions for rig fine tuning

Available Options

Name TCode Price
1.1 oz Weed/silt T2213 £1.50
1.5 oz Weed/silt T2214 £1.50
2 oz Weed/silt T2215 £1.50
2.5 oz Weed/silt T2216 £1.50
3 oz Weed/silt T2217 £1.50
4 oz Weed/silt T2218 £1.65
6 oz Weed/silt T2219 £2.20
1.1 oz Gravel/clay T2300 £1.50
1.5 oz Gravel/clay T2301 £1.50
2 oz Gravel/clay T2302 £1.50
2.5 oz Gravel/clay T2303 £1.50
3 oz Gravel/clay T2304 £1.50
4 oz Gravel/clay T2305 £1.65
6 oz Gravel/clay T2306 £2.20

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Available in 1.1 oz to 6 oz

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