Fang Twister

The ultimate turning pattern when faced with the most difficult rig wary carp. As Kevin Nash says ‘There is only one pattern for riggy carp…the Twister’.

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The ultimate turning pattern when faced with the most difficult rig wary carp

The ugly duckling of the Fang hook range, but arguably the most deadly of them all. Although not attractive like curved hooks because of its a radical square bend and 30 degree down turned eye the Twister instantly became a top selling pattern – with thousands of dedicated users all over the world who will testify that it has changed their results at a stroke.

The Twister’s unique shape optimises turning and pricking, nailing carp every time – producing hook holds that need to be seen to be believed! From hard fighting Thames carp to the most pressurized small water carp the Twister has proven to be a deadly choice. Fished blow out style or with shrink kicker extensions the Fang Twister has accounted for more of Kevin’s own big carp captures than any other.

  • Radical wide gape, square bend pattern
  • Fast turning shape for instant pricking
  • No additional sharpening required
  • Long lasting needle sharp point
  • High strength Japanese steel
  • Proven 20% stronger than hooks of a similar wire gauge
  • Down turned eye for aggressive hooking mechanics
  • Micro barbed sizes 2-10
  • Barbless sizes 4-10
  • Additional odd sizes for optimum rig efficiency
  • Ten hooks per packet

Available Options

Name TCode Price
Fang Twister Size 4 Barbless T7542 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 5 Barbless T7543 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 6 Barbless T7544 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 7 Barbless T7545 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 8 Barbless T7546 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 10 Barbless T7547 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 2 Micro Barbed T7514 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 4 Micro Barbed T7515 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 5 Micro Barbed T7516 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 6 Micro Barbed T7517 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 7 Micro Barbed T7518 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 8 Micro Barbed T7519 £5.49
Fang Twister Size 10 Micro Barbed T7520 £5.49

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