Dwarf BP-6 Reel

Offering the casting benefits of a large spool yet remaining small and brilliantly balanced the BP-6 is the perfect compact big pit reel.

Price: £40.99

TCode: T2003

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Compact big carp performance

The BP-6 combines big pit reel performance with micro engineering.

One turn of the multi-disc drag takes the BP-6 from free spool tension to a fighting drag, clinical Level Wind Lay ensuring long, smooth casting from the CAD aluminium spool.

Built around proven 4 + 1 roller bearing operation and finished with dual Spot On line clips, Line Guard Spool system and an oversized line roller to reduce twist for perfect big carp performance in the most compact package yet.

• Aluminium long cast spool
• Fast drag
• Dual Spot On line clips for precision casting
• 4 + 1 roller bearings
• Line guard spool system
• Level Wind line lay
• Oversized line roller to reduce line twist
• CNC machined power handle
• BP-6 Gear ratio 4.9:1

Product Information

Tech Spec

Dwarf BP-6 Spool Capacity (mm/yards)
0.28 /273



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