Bug Juice

One squirt gives you Zig Bugs with even more bite with the dedicated Bug Juice enhancer range.

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Bug Juice

Four brillliant attractor blends in 30ml atomiser sprays boost a Zig Bug perfectly before casting, helping carp home in fast on Bug and Critter hookbaits whatever the water temperature or conditions.

Using Nashbait’s unrivalled knowledge of feeding triggers, Bug Juices combine highly soluble attractors for maximum taste and smell dispersion through the water column to highlight the bait to responsive carp all year round and in all types of venues.

Bug and Critter hookbaits can be sprayed with Bug Juice, or soaked for longer periods in the bottle between casts. Floater hookbaits oversprayed with Bug Juices are also devastating.

The Bug Juice range includes:

Tadpole: A natural turn on for the Spring when carp feast on frog spawn or tadpoles

Nectar: A long lasting sweet, fruity juice, and proven outstanding cold water enhancer

Beetle: A potent mixture of fish and mollusc extracts that draw in beetles and boatmen with the carp following close behind

Shrimp: A stabilised natural fish extract rich in free amino acids

Available Options

Name TCode Price
Bug Juice Nectar 30ml B7002 £4.99
Bug Juice Shrimp 30ml B7003 £4.99
Bug Juice Tadpole 30ml B7000 £4.99
Bug Juice Beetle 30ml B7001 £4.99

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